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The obvious

When people point out the obvious most people look at them and scoff. But the simple fact of the matter is this. I point out the obvious because most people tend to miss it. And the fact is I point it out in such a way, that when I speak it shows a whole different level of understand, for actions explained. The grand old retort..

"Thanks Captain Obvious"

Why do people say this? Did they honestly -know- the obvious, or were they so oblivious to it, that they had to remark back in a scornful way? See this is my point, most people miss the obvious. They do not look at things as a natural flow, but they look at the things that are unnatural to them. This rant to me, feels like it is going nowhere. Because in my mind, this is almost a pointless thing to speak about. But what I want to touch base on, is people's tendency to feel a calling, such as our friend who has posted about her realizing her calling.

What I wish to comment on this, and my point will come around to it. Is the fact that she felt her calling to just drive. A feeling as if the calling came from some divine enlightenment, but at the same time, that places it in something unnatural. When in all reality, it could just merely be the natural course of events for her. To flow and adjust to herself. Fluidity and adaptation will take you far in life. You see, in the course of life, when something becomes 'uncomfortable'. It is merely showing you that something is preventing you from flowing with the -natural- course of life. To me comfortability is derived from the ability to flow into a situation, and adapt it to yourself to make it comfortable. It is the expression of freeing yourself. Freeing yourself from the restrictions of the situation.

Without commenting on specifics of the situation she is in. I will only say this. If it feels natural for you to just go, just drive, then that is what you should do. Keeping yourself from doing such things, is hindering your ability to flow, and attain happiness.
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