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Ive Just About Had It.

No. Im fucking serious. I've just about had it with staying here w/ Jeff's parents. Especially when they treat me like I'm an outsider, and even though Jeff won't admit it, they treat HIM like shit also. They're so loving and affectionate with their daughters, but to us? All they do is bitch and moan how we need to improve ourselves.

Oh yeah, and then they cast rules on us that don't apply to the girls. Like, they get pissed off if I spend more than an hour a day on the net, but Jeff's sister Emily will spend six playing Tiberian Sun. Or they leave all their SHIT scattered on the table in the morning, but if I dont clean up after myself INDEFINITELY, whereas there is NO mess left (not even a crumb,) we get a mean note about how we're guests and we need to act like them.

You know what's fucking bogus? We're not guests, we're family. And we aren't even really GUESTS, they treat us like fucking burdens. I can't wait to just finally get our act together, so I can go back to my own apartment and not have to deal with this. Honestly, I hang my coat on the back of a chair in the kitchen, and find it outside on the front lawn in the morning. What the fuck is that all about? Assholes.
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